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It begins today. bellicon Mini Trampoline - The World's Best Rebounder!
bellicon Mini-Trampoline

The World's Best Rebounder

Getting in shape. Losing weight. Improving your health. Increasing your stamina. Revitalizing your immune system.

Goals that can improve the quality of your life, but it can be tough getting started.  And once you do get started, it’s often tough to keep it up because of the time it takes, or the stress on your body, or because it’s just boring.  Finding a workout that will help you achieve your fitness goals by exercising every muscle in your body while being low-impact, low-stress, revitalizing to your entire system, and fun besides, may seem impossible.

bellicon has made it simple.

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The Best Bounce

It’s All About the Bungees

A rebounder is only as good as its bounce.  At bellicon, our innovations in rebounder suspension have created an unprecedented level of performance.  Your workouts will be more effective, less stressful, and more fun than you’ve ever thought possible.

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The Best Built

Made in Germany — Assembled in the USA

Our precision engineering and design have established us as the worldwide standard for mini-trampoline quality. Between our industrial grade steel frames; patented, reinforced polyamide connector hooks; UV resistant, environmentally friendly, polypropylene mats; (not to mention our world-class bungees!) bellicon quality is second to none.

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bellicon: Aircraft Grade Quality

The Best For You

You are unique. At bellicon, we understand that.
The bellicon comes in 1200+ varieties.

Which is why every bellicon is custom assembled to fit your individual needs. We offer more than 1200 different variations of sizes, strengths, and colors to insure that you get the best rebounder available: one that’s been made just for you.

The Best For Everyone

Whatever your Health and Fitness Goals, bellicon can help
bellicon: Best For Everyone!

Our rebounder is the choice of Olympic athletes improving their speed and seniors citizens rebuilding their health, boxers preparing for a title fights and women fighting osteoporosis and heart disease.

Young or old, in shape or out, the low-impact high-gain performance of the bellicon is the best, most enjoyable and most efficient way for you to get in shape from the inside out. Find out what the bellicon can do for you!

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