April 2014


Love at First Bounce: The Benefits of Rebounding

By Heidi L. George, April 24, 2014

I first heard about rebounding last year while listening to the Extreme Health Radio show.  Rebounding is jumping on a trampoline, which I am sure many of us did as kids. I certainly have found memories of hanging out with my best friend, spending hours jumping and laughing on her trampoline during the summer months.

 Fast forward to twenty years later. My partner and I went on a vacation and stayed at an amazing house we found through the Airbnb website. Not only was this home hidden in nature and surrounded by tall pine trees and mountains, but they also had a rebounder.  This was serendipitous because on our drive up we had a discussion about rebounding and if it was something we wanted to try. Now we had the perfect opportunity to test it out.

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Welcome to the new bellicon USA website!

By bellicon, April 2, 2014

Welcome to the new bellicon USA website! The website we’ve had since 2010 was due for a little “spring cleaning,” so we’ve fixed it up from top to bottom. Our new design is intended to make your visit more enjoyable, informative and make our wide variety of topics easier to find.

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