Sports Players: Prevent Back Pain By Warming Up

By The University of Maryland Medical Center, March 30, 2014

The University of Maryland Medical Center has an excellent collection of health-related material that’s available on their website, including a particularly good assortment of articles on back pain.
One of these pages is entitled “Back Pain and Sports” and lists Bicycling, Weight Lifting, Running, Golf, Tennis, Skiing, and Swimming with advice on how to avoid straining your back. In almost every case, they suggest an aerobic warm up and stretching before engaging in the sport. Here’s and example from their Golf entry:
The golf swing requires forceful rotation of your spine, and this puts stress on your spinal muscles, ligaments, joints, and disks…Warm up and stretch your muscles in your back and upper legs before starting a game.
Rebounding on the bellicon provides a world-class workout of its own, but it also is extremely effective as a low-impact aerobic warm up prior to engaging in sports. The bellicon will gently engage muscles while loosening joints, engaging core muscles and lubricating the discs along the back to help defend against strains and injury.
Here’s a link to the “Back pain and sports” page from University of Maryland Medical Center:

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