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By bellicon, March 20, 2014

You have to try this to believe it! We have a large trampoline in the backyard that we love. We also have a mini one for the kids in the playroom. Both are fun and both give you a mini workout.


The difference with the bellicon is how easy it is! Most trampolines this size are stretched so tight that there is not a lot of bounce- but with this one- you can fly! It is so springy and cushy- there is practically no Impact! AND it takes zero effort.
The first time I tried this- I had two toddlers sitting on the sides begging for their turn. I jumped for about 10 min- had fun, but did not think much of it. I was not winded, did not feel as I did a workout. It was fun- and it was easy. But once I stepped off- I realized my legs were on FIRE! I was so sore the next day! And that is a GOOD thing! It means I was working- but this was so fun and so easy I was mostly giggling while doing it and had NO Idea how it was working. And REALLY- what more could you ask for in a workout??

My favorite thing on the bellicon is jogging! Sounds weird, but it is almost no impact on my knees, and I can go as fast or slow as I want and am still able to watch the kids, jump off in an instant if I need to, watch TV because it is totally silent (unlike my noisy Treadmill!) and can I say it again? It is F-U-N!!
The kids get a kick out of watching me on this because I can not help but giggle and do silly things like jumping jacks or spins and jumps! I am working out while the kids are getting a show! It is also totally portable, which is a huge plus.

Obviously- the treadmill is in my room, and I am not attempting to move that around! I can throw this in the living room, and when I am done- put the legs down- and prop it up against the wall taking up zero space! I have also rolled it outside when the kids are playing in the backyard- it weighs virtually nothing! Try that with your treadmill! LOL! You MUST try one of these! I promise- this will make you want to "Work out" all day long! And just try not to laugh or smile when you are sailing through the air! When was the last time you giggled through your workout??

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