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By bellicon, March 21, 2014

After you have been on a bellicon Rebounder you will find going back to the steel spring version a bit like getting behind the wheel of a Tractor after driving a Porsche. Rebounding exercises where a mini exercise trampoline or "rebounder" are used begun in the 1970's in the USA. It was at this time the benefits of having fun bouncing about on a small trampoline were scientifically explored.

In fact NASA were hailing rebounder exercises as "the most effective form of exercise devised by man". When bouncing on a rebounder you are exercising all the cells in your body at the same time. As you resist gravity when bouncing you are also exerting a gentle amount of force to your whole body.
Throughout the 1980's the popularity of rebounding begun to increase not just in the USA but around the world and at this time inexpensive rebounders manufactured in China begun to appear on the market. However, these ones did not offer the same benefits to the user as the good quality models already available.

The big advantage that the better designed rebounders have is that they don't allow too much shock to be caused to the body because of the cushioning effect provided by the rebounder’s springs and mat. A major hazard faced by people exercising whether running or doing a team sport is skeletal shock. However, the benefits of reducing the amount of skeletal shock placed on the body is pretty much lost if you chose to use a cheap rebounder. So if you do not want to end up ruining your first experience of this very enjoyable and effective kind of exercise it is worth spending a little more initially and purchase a good quality rebounder.
When it comes to the bounce of the rebounder the strength and profile of the strings along with how much tension and elasticity there is in the rebounder mat contribute to this, along with the how stiff and how well constructed the rebounder frame is. The quality rebounders you get from the USA and Europe today have advance safety features, namely the mats are made using the best materials possible and the strong dual taper springs ensure you have a progressive but stable bounce. There are a wide range of good quality steel spring rebounders now available, but to get one that meets with your particular exercise needs it is worth being prepared to spend a little more on one. There are certain rebounders that the bounce is more soft and comfortable with a lower frequency. Then there are others which are much stiffer and so they create a more aggressive and faster bounce suitable for when doing the more vigorous aerobic types of rebounding exercises.

There is some variety in the amount of bounce a rebounder creates but whilst the steel spring ones are great they don't allow them to be customised to meet one's own individual needs. The way in which rebounders are used can vary they may be used to help rehabilitate a person following injury or ailment or to carry out intensive fitness training. So where the design is one that makes the rebounder more adaptable to an individual’s needs is beneficial. The biggest design innovation has been rubber loops being used instead of steel springs to attach the mat to the rebounder frame. This helps to allow you to make the bounce characteristics more customisable to suit your needs and improves the low impact and comfortable nature of the exercises you do on the rebounder.

It is in the 21st Century we have seen bellicon AG emerging as a new European force in the manufacturing of rebounders because they introduced rubber spring ones. The company was founded on more than 20 years of research and experience into this equipment and has the backing of German and Swiss engineering. The revolutionary rubber spring rebounders from bellicon provide a fully customisable range that are made using only the best materials and the best craftsmanship.
These top of the range rebounders widen the number of options to you allowing you to tweak and vary their functionality at a price. But if you want the BMW of all rebounders, the one that uses the latest research and development benefits, then do expect to spend a bit more. When it comes to purchasing a bellicon rebounder you determine what strength the elastic rubber (bungee loop) band should be by how much you weigh. Next you need to decide what size frame you want and you have a choice of three, the 39", 44" and 49" ones. Finally you will then decide what accessories are needed and what you purchase depends how the rebounder is to be used. You can also purchase a cushioned rebounder frame pad, mat and spring guard if you want which is suitable for when young children are using the rebounder or if it is being used for physical therapy. But you also have the choice of frame covers, which will meet your particular tastes along with stability handles who are unsure about their balance when on the rebounder. Also you can choose legs that either fold underneath the frame or that screw into it.

Because of all these choices you may well find yourself spending more than £300 but compared to buying a good quality treadmill this is relatively inexpensive. Don't forget that low impact rebounding is believed to more beneficial to you and certainly more efficient than running or walking. Because German and Swiss engineering and craftsmanship are held in such high esteem across the globe you would expect to pay a price and bellicon rebounders continue this tradition of excellence in manufacturing from these two countries. In fact these countries traditional production values continue to show in the quality and finish of the products that they create. If you are looking for high intensity aerobic workouts then using a good quality steel spring rebounder is your best option and will cost a bit less. But bellicon's bungee band rebounders are state of the art and ideal for cardio workouts, plus there are various versions available which are used for different body weights. Yet the Kunhardt method of rebounding is believed to offer the same benefits to those you would get doing more intense aerobic exercises, but you don't need to use as much effort, especially when the deeper rubber spring rebounder is used.
The greatest overall benefit to get from these exercises comes when you are working at around 50% of your maximum capacity. When doing swing rebounding you bounce rather than jump. It is very hard for someone to describe the strange sensation of doing work without dong any work when using the swinging type of bounce movement on the Bellicon rebounder. This particular model is designed toward doing dynamic exercise that is highly effective, and that allows you to increase the effort level so that you sweat more and which helps to make you feel as if you have done some exercise.

The rebound on this rubber loop spring model is long deep and comfortable, but is also very dynamic and powerful and helps to optimize the gravitational resistance which is exerting on every cell in your body as you bounce. Also you will find that the bungee rebounders are much more fun to use than the steel spring ones as they transition in the bounce is more stable and smooth. After you have been on a bellicon Rebounder you will find going back to the steel spring version a bit like getting behind the wheel of a tractor after driving a Porsche. found on HubPages.com

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