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A body in balance Is a beautiful thing

Professional athletes know that good balance is critical to any physical activity, which is why so many of them are turning to the bellicon.

Balance can also be improved no matter what your age, making daily activities easier and helping to prevent injuries associated with falls and poor physical alignment.

Rebounding on the bellicon is a great way to improve your balance and coordination while providing the best total-body exercise available.

Leave the Floor Behind

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Exercising on a hard surface can’t begin to offer the benefits of a bellicon workout. When you start bouncing on the bellicon’s sturdy, pliable surface, your body automatically works to keep you upright and aligned. With each bounce, your cerebellum and inner ear jump into action, directing muscles to stabilize you. Much of the exercise rebounding offers comes from all of this unconscious muscle activity.

Each of the 638 muscles in your body are put to use in this process, particularly the major muscle groups in your lower body and the “core” muscle groups in your torso, which are most responsible for maintaining balance. With so much of your body involved in this process alone, it’s not surprising that a workout on our mini-trampoline will tone you up from head to toe.

Balance and the Brain

Your cerebellum (the part of your brain responsible for motor control) doesn’t just maintain your balance, it also learns how to improve balance, so the more you use your bellicon, the better your balance becomes. Like any learning process, this develops slowly, but it’s one of the most helpful and universal benefits of using the bellicon. You’ll appreciate it as you walk down the street with improved posture, or while feeling the increased sense of centeredness and stability as you go about your daily activities.

The cerebellum is not only responsible for balance, it’s also the source of several higher-functioning mental and learning abilities. When the cerebellum is stimulated during exercise, you gain added cognitive benefits along with your fitness. According to Dr. Irvine Mason, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, “As one reaches higher levels of balance during activity, brain reaction time speeds up, which has a positive effect on attention difficulties…improving cognitive ability and performance such as reading, writing and comprehension.”

(QUICK TIP: To help your equilibrium while rebounding, choose an object straight across the room, something level with your head, and keep your eyes on it while you bounce. This will help both your balance and posture.)

core strength through rebounding on the bellicon

Powerful Posture

Dr. Dieter Breithecker, Director of the “Federal Institute on the Development of Posture and Exercise” reaffirmed these claims after examining a bellicon. He stated that, “The bellicon mini trampoline…enables joint-friendly walking, running and jumping, the very kind of motion that improves the complex muscle capabilities associated with posture and balance.”

Not only will the bellicon improve your posture, but can also help to protect you. More than 2 million Americans visit emergency rooms with fall-related injuries every year. The improvement in balance and core strength from rebounding will help you better negotiate the twists, turns, and bumps of your day. You’ll even be less likely to slip on icy surfaces…and more likely to remain upright if you do.

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Jump into Fitness

(Shoes Optional)

The comfortable, woven surface of the mat feels great and fills you with a sense of stability and security. Jumping barefoot also gets your feet and ankles more engaged, strengthening them and at the same time using the major balance sensors in them for increased stability.

Bouncing barefoot is great, and it allows you to feel the stitching on the mat to help center yourself, but if you need a little more stability at first, or have issues with your feet or ankles, wearing shoes can help. The bellicon mat has been designed to offer safe, reliable service with either of these options.

When bouncing, try to bounce on different parts of your feet to stretch them and improve your balance. Bouncing on your heels helps to stretch your Achilles tendon (and helps to relieve the effects of wearing high heels!) Bouncing with an emphasis on your toes will help to strengthen your ankles and calves.

bellicon support hand bars

With Support

Keep in mind that everyone’s sense of balance is different, and that everyone’s balance can be improved. The most important thing is to get started in the process. So, for anyone who would like the added safety and security of hand rails, we offer support bars made of the same heavy gauge steel used in our frames. They are available individually or in pairs, and they help anyone with balance, health, or strength issues to take full advantage of all the benefits that bellicon has to offer.

Bring your life, health and fitness into balance today with bellicon, the world’s best rebounder.

Great workouts to improve your balance on the bellicon

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