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Aerobic Exercise on the bellicon

Hearts love thumping when you're jumping

If you’ve been looking for the most efficient, convenient, and enjoyable way to get your daily dose of cardiovascular exercise, look no further. Rebounding on the bellicon mini-trampoline is the ideal way to invigorate your heart and circulatory system. It’s the best way to get the cardio workout your body craves.

The bellicon’s specially designed, highly elastic bungees generate just the right amount of tension to exercise your muscles and strengthen your heart while being gentle on your joints and tissue. A low-impact bellicon workout is also easily adaptable to such a wide variety of exercises that your workouts will never become boring.

Scientifically proven.

Running can't catch up


When NASA published their first study on the benefits of rebounding, one of their most remarkable findings was that rebounding was better exercise than jogging in every category: reaching target heart rates, maximizing oxygen consumption, and greater use of musculature. They even noted that their test subjects preferred jumping to running and, although jumping burned more energy, the subjects felt it was less fatiguing than running and would extend their workouts when bouncing.

Later studies have shown similar results, confirming that exercise on a mini-trampoline burns more calories than running while avoiding the stress on the knees, joints, and cartilage that runners experience.

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What is Cardio?

"Aerobic exercise (also known as cardio) is physical exercise of relatively low intensity that depends primarily on the aerobic energy-generating process. Aerobic literally means "living in air", and refers to the use of oxygen to adequately meet energy demands during exercise via aerobic metabolism. Generally, light-to-moderate intensity activities that are sufficiently supported by aerobic metabolism can be performed for extended periods of time. The intensity should be between 60 and 85% of maximum heart rate."


Everything in moderation

It’s Better In The Long Run

Though the bellicon is used by professional athletes, its most important job is helping to keep anyone who uses it healthy and fit. For that, regular, moderate exercise is best.

A recent Duke University study demonstrated that a modest amount of moderate exercise (rather than a large amount of intense activity) is the best way to get in shape and to fight high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, excess body fat, and unhealthy cholesterol levels. In other words, pushing yourself to the limit doesn’t help you to achieve long-term success.

Duke’s findings fall right in line with the American Heart Association’s recommendation of, “150 minutes of moderate intensity (italics courtesy of bellicon) aerobic physical activity each week…performed in episodes of at least 10 minutes and, preferably, it should be spread throughout the week.”

A handy hint: Aside from taking your pulse, a good way to determine the intensity of your workout is by talking: If you are able to carry on a conversation while rebounding, you probably aren’t overdoing it.


The Choice of Champions

World-Class Design, World-Class Results

Boxing has always been considered one of the most challenging sports in the world, pushing the limits of an athlete’s strength, agility, speed and endurance. So, if you have any doubts about the bellicon’s ability to get you into world-champion shape, consider the British boxer Darren Barker, the International Boxing Federation middleweight world-champion, who trained for his successful title fight on a bellicon. After his victory, Darren’s coach, Wayne Leal, was interviewed by the BBC regarding his revolutionary training methods on our rebounder. .

Great cardio workouts on the bellicon

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  • by ChuckIncredible for lymph system - buying another one

    My wife came home about a month ago with a bellicon rebounder saying it would help release toxins in her lymph system. Skeptical, but supportive, I now am in amazement every time she jumps. Last night we came home from dinner, which normally would be too full to exercise. She stepped...

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  • by FFSturdy & Strong

    Wonderful for quick morning exercise. Unexpected aerobic challenge. Energizing. Takes only a bit of room. Surprisingly sturdy, no tipping at all. Great online videos for many challenge levels....

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  • by TedQuiet and fun - can't wait to get on it

    We've had our bellicon for a few weeks and I love it. It's quite unlike me to look forward to doing exercise, but I find myself going straight to the rebounder first thing when I wake up and bouncing for at least 10 minutes. The fact that the bellicon is quiet is a real necessity in our house...

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  • by AKGreat Workout!

    I absolutely love my new bellicon. I had read about the benefits of rebounding and ordered a cheaper rebounder at first. While I thought it provided a really good workout, I got extreme tightness and inflammation in my neck and shoulders. The springs were also very loud and the rebounder had a...

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  • by California Jumper Lady (JH)My new secret weapon for cardio fun

    I have had several injuries (back, feet) and physical issues (plantar fasciitis; surgeries on both feet) that make high impact exercise (jumping, running) a non-option for me. However, I also want to be very active and fit. That means that I have been creative and have hired creative personal trainers...

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  • by SarahBalanced and Dynamic!

    One of my favorite things in life is dynamic movement that is balanced + creative.......bellicon offers this in such a FUN way! It's impossible to jump up + down without having fun, right?! I have found that the bellicon provides so many benefits for the body :: low impact exercise, a variable surface...

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  • by Tiffany KretzmeierI love how easy it is

    I had been interested in trying out rebounding, since I had heard of the health benefits of rebounding, and also the different cardio possibilities that one can get from rebounding. Since I was trying to save money, I went ahead and bought a generic brand rebounder from Wal-Mart...

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  • by Hallie E.Invest in your health!

    I was introduced to rebounding by the new method of exercise that I am doing (Tracy Anderson Method). Many people doing this method talked about switching over to the rebounder for the dance cardio portion of the workout because of knee and joint pain. I love the method, but I couldn't keep pounding...

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