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Flexibility isn’t only important for athleticism, it’s an aspect of fitness training that impacts the quality of your daily life. A bellicon workout warms-up and loosens muscles, joints, and cartilage, lubricates discs and vertebrae, and improves your overall range of motion. Most exercises on the bellicon involve your arms and legs moving in opposition, or involve twisting your torso, either way you’ll be stretching your core muscles from your abdominals to your chest while strengthening them at the same time.

warm up on the bellicon

Bounce first, stretch after

For those people whose workouts already include a lot of stretching or yoga, consider trying 20 minutes on a bellicon beforehand. When done prior to stretching, rather than after, the gentle bouncing cycle will relax muscles, joints and connecting tissue making them more flexible and less prone to injury. The bellicon’s world-class, low-impact cardiovascular workout, combined with range of motion stretching and muscular support, will build strength, flexibility and health from the inside out. It will loosen those stressed-out muscles that cause body aches and pains, increasing your range of motion gently and effectively.

Great workouts on the bellicon to improve your flexibility

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  • by BrookeWOW!!!

    I just received my 49" bellicon and WOW!! I started jumping and immediately noticed an increase in energy. I feel drawn to it, possibly because I feel so good during and after only a few minutes of jumping. Thank you bellicon for excellent customer service as well!! I am telling all of my friends...

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  • by MichelleI love my bellicon!

    A friend of mine told me to start rebounding for bone building benefits. A fitness instructor recommended bellicon. I did research and decided to try the bellicon. I absolutely love the bounce and all the health benefits that it provides. I bounce almost every day and feel great...

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  • by KristyI love bellicon!

    As soon as my bellicon arrived, my inner child unleashed and I immediately ripped open the packaging, quickly screwed on the legs, and off I went, jumping away and enjoying the soft, bouncy aerobic benefits that the website and other users testimonials had spoken highly of. Now one month on...

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  • by HollyI love my bellicon!

    All I can say is AMAZING!! I wish I had done it earlier. It's so much more fun and I can see and feel the improvements in my muscles just by using it. I really look forward to my daily use, even when it's just a couple of minutes. It's quiet and well made. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a quality rebounder...

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Jump up to a new level of Fitness. Order your bellicon today!
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