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Power up

The force of gravity, when combined with our unique, ultra-elastic bungees, can help you to become a force of nature.

That’s because each bounce on the bellicon takes you from up to 4 g-forces to zero gravity, creating a cycle of flexing and relaxing that strengthens and tones your muscles naturally and efficiently. And because it effects all 638 muscles in your body, you’ll increase your strength and vitality from head to toe, inside and out.

The bellicon’s ultra-elastic bungees and woven mat were custom formulated to provide uniform, low-impact resistance that engages all of your muscles more efficiently, and with less stress, than any other mini-trampoline. It’s a difference you’ll be able to feel with results you’ll be able to see.

core strength through rebounding on the bellicon

Core Strength

There’s a lot of emphasis these days on workouts that strengthen “core muscles,” and with good reason: when working in harmony, the muscles in your torso, pelvis, hips and back are the power source for the rest of your body.

The bellicon is ideal for core workouts. Bouncing on its stable, but pliable, surface automatically engages your abdominal, back, side and pelvic muscles to maintain your center of gravity, strengthening and conditioning them in the process.

For professional athletes, dancers, martial artists, and people whose livelihood depends on their physical conditioning, a strong core is required for success, but even if you aren’t in the NBA or the Joffrey Ballet, core strength can have a profound impact on your quality of life. When your core muscles are weak, even simple, routine activities can become exhausting and difficult, and without proper core muscle support, posture suffers and you become susceptible to lower back pain and injury.

The bellicon strengthens core muscles while simultaneously providing an exceptional aerobic workout, helping you to have the inner vitality and centered power you need every day.

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Metabolic Booster

Burn Calories While Sleeping! While Eating! While texting! No, this isn’t a shameless late-night infomercial…it’s the actual result of using our mini-trampoline.

An average bellicon workout ranges from about ten to forty minutes, but the increased metabolic rate can continue for up to 24 hours: burning sugars and fats, processing oxygen, and rebuilding muscle even while you sleep. This is why we encourage people to use their bellicon daily, even if it means reducing the duration of their workouts, so that they can get the extended benefits throughout their day. (Even sneaking a few bounces between meetings or commercial breaks can really add up!)

When it comes to raising metabolism, measured by calories burned, the bellicon is even more efficient than running. While exercising at the same intensity, A 150 pound person will burn about 175 calories jogging for 30 minutes, but would burn about 205 calories bouncing on a bellicon (and a bellicon is more fun!) A bellicon stirs up your metabolism by getting your whole body gets into the act, strengthening your heart, lungs, burning fat reserves and building muscle all at the same time.

A pliable plyometrics platform
Jump Training Without the Stress

Plyometrics (also referred to as “jump training”) is a technique designed to increase muscular power and explosiveness. Developed for Olympic athletes, plyometric training is now a popular exercise routine for people of all ages. Plyometrics is also used to help people who are recovering from injuries, particularly if they are returning to physically demanding occupations. The American Council on Fitness recommends plyometric exercise as does the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

The most common type of plyometric exercise is jumping onto and off of a platform or box, forcing the muscles to react quickly, moving rapidly from a shortened position to a stretched position. The results include greater muscle strength, better coordination, and faster reaction times.

Interestingly, one of the biggest concerns about plyometrics is that short, intense bursts of energy, characterized by jumping, can put too much strain on the body. Fortunately, the bellicon has been designed to take the stress and strain out of jumping while maintaining, and increasing, the beneficial effect on the muscles, which is why the bellicon is the ideal platform for plyometric exercise.

Eccentric Training

Eccentric movement is the term used to describe the act of stretching or elongating a muscle, which in workout terms is the portion of an exercise when a weight is lowered, such as when a barbell is lowered during a bicep curl.

Eccentric muscle movements use less energy than concentric (lifting) movements, which is why people are around 40% stronger when they are lowering weights rather than lifting them. The increased tension breaks down muscles and builds them up more efficiently. Eccentric exercise also leaves people feeling less tired than after eccentric exercise, and can raise a person’s metabolic rate up to 9%, an energizing effect that can continue for hours after exercise is over.

Because jumping on the bellicon involves both eccentric exercise (when moving downward) and concentric exercise (when jumping upward), you get the benefits of both. And because the bellicon has been designed with stress-reduction in mind, it not only prevents overuse injuries but can also help to heal them.

Great workouts for a full body workout on the bellicon

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  • by AKGreat Workout

    I absolutely love my new bellicon. I had read about the benefits of rebounding and ordered a cheaper rebounder at first. While I thought it provided a really good workout, I got extreme tightness and inflammation in my neck and shoulders. The springs were also very loud and the rebounder...

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  • by LindseyLove it!

    I love the Bellicon so very much. It still blows my mind how energized I get. I actually have trimmed up a bit, which surprises me because I'm not over weight and quite fit, and I just needed some toning. Something that was very unexpected, that I couldn't really verbalize on my blog was that my chest...

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  • by AndreaI definitely recommend the bellicon

    I am a young, healthy, small person, but I needed to get into better shape, and I despise the gym. I calculated that my wasted various gym memberships would justify switching to a Bellicon, where I can jump to my hearts content, and be creative with my movements, working on all parts of my body...

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