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The bellicon has been, and continues to be, the world’s premier rebounder, and for good reason: no other rebounder or mini-trampoline can match the quality of materials, attention to detail and overall performance of the bellicon. Beneath the bellicon’s elegantly simple appearance are years of research, testing and design that add up to one thing: an incredibly smooth, amazingly effective bounce that will spoil you for anything else. The bellicon has won numerous quality awards and has been praised and endorsed by innumerable fitness gurus, doctors, athletes and health institutes.

We manufacture it according to the most stringent standards, which include our dedication to using environmentally friendly materials. Once you try our rebounder, you’ll know (just like thousands of other enthusiastic customers worldwide) that nothing else comes close to a bellicon.


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Exercise: The More We Need It,
The Less We Do It

When we’re young, we need exercise to help our bodies develop correctly, and once we’re grown, we continue to need exercise to maintain our strength and health, but this doesn’t always happen.

As The American Heart Association observes: “In general, people become less physically active as they get older. Nearly 40 percent of people over the age of 55 report no leisure-time physical activity. The older people become, the more they need regular exercise. It helps prevent bone loss (reducing the risk of fractures) and reduces the risk of dozens of diseases associated with aging.”

How the bellicon benefits Seniors

Renewing Their Strength From The Inside Out

These are the very diseases rebounding was designed for. Inactivity increases the risk of osteoporosis and its precursor, osteopenia. Using the bellicon can help to stop these diseases from progressing and, if begun early enough, can help to prevent them from ever starting.

Bones Love to Work Under Pressure

Bones, just like muscles, need exercise to grow and maintain their strength. Motion, along with weight-bearing exercise (exercise done while standing that uses a person’s own body weight), infuses bones with calcium and stimulates them to become stronger.

Rebounding on the bellicon provides the ideal exercise for people with osteoporosis and osteopenia. Each bounce takes you from up to 4-Gs (gravitational forces) to zero-Gs, giving your bones the weight-bearing workout they need to stay strong.

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People who lack regular exercise lose from 3% to 5% of their muscle mass each decade over the age of 30. Regular exercise, including the kind of muscular resistance that the bellicon offers, can not only prevent muscle loss, but increase muscle mass in as little as two weeks.


46 million American adults have been diagnosed with some form of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, lupus, or fibromyalgia. Moderate exercise is essential for combating this disease: It can reduce the pain and inflammation while increasing strength and flexibility.

American Lorem Ipsum Blindtext 46 million American adults have been diagnosed with some form of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, lupus, or fibromyalgia. Moderate exercise is essential for combating this disease: It can reduce the pain and inflammation while increasing strength and.

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46 million American adults have been diagnosed with some form of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, lupus, or fibromyalgia. Moderate exercise is essential for combating this disease: It can reduce the pain and inflammation while increasing strength and flexibility.


Whereas there are many forms of arthritis, arthritis pain generally comes form the deterioration of the bones and cartilage in the joints. Not surprisingly, because of the pain, people with arthritis can find it difficult to go about their daily activities, let alone exercise.

The fact is that exercise is about the best thing to do for arthritis. It can help joints to stay lubricated and flexible and strengthen the muscles that support it.

The bellicon provides gentle, low-impact exercise can tone muscles, improve flexibility, and help to relieve arthritis pain.


Rebounding is an extremely effective way to increase the flow of the lymphatic system, improving our body's ability to remove toxins and impurities. Using the bellicon also increases the metabolism, which slows down as we age, further strengthening our immune system.

Your Lymphatic System needs your help!
Lymphatic System

Everyone knows how exercise, as it increases the flow of blood and oxygen, helps the cardiovascular system, but we don’t often consider how it benefits the lymphatic system.

Our lymphatic system is responsible for taking the toxins, bacteria, dead cells…as well as cancer cells…that our immune system targets and removing them from our body. Since it has no pump, it needs motion and gravity to force the thick lymph fluid through our system.

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Exercising on the bellicon's pliable surface engages the brain, the inner ear, and the core muscles to improve balance and coordination. Combined with the increase in muscle strength and flexibility, the bellicon becomes an all-in-one solution to increase agility and prevent falling.


As any toddler learning to walk would tell you (if they could speak): “balance improves with training.” Bouncing on the bellicon provides the type of repetitive motion that renews nerve pathways to your muscles…it’s like a balance refresher course for your brain.

Rebounding is also particularly good for building core muscles, leg muscles and ankle strength, all of which are essential for balance and good posture.

A bellicon workout is the fun, effective way to boost your balance and fitness and health all at the same time.

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Over time, discs and joints can become worn down, losing their elasticity and causing pain. The best way to keep discs and joints healthy and working properly is through gentle, effective, low-impact exercise, which is just what the bellicon provides.

Disc and Joints

Discs and joints, just like the rest of our body, need exercise. To stay healthy, discs need to be used: the sponge-like material inside the disk is filled with water that needs to be squeezed out and refilled for the disc to receive nutrients. Similarly, joints need exercise to maintain their flexibility and range of motion.

Bellicon can provide your discs and joints with the kind of energizing, low-impact exercise that they need while giving you the best, most fun, total-body exercise available.

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Why bellicon?

A bellicon workout strengthens every muscle in your body, increases your metabolism, and improves flexibility and balance…while being fun and easy on your joints. While many fitness products set your pace, on the bellicon you adjust your pace as you go, so it's always right for you.

Even the simplest workout on the bellicon, called "Health Bouncing," provides wonderful results. Health bouncing is when you jump so that your feet never leave the mat, but travel into it, taking advantage of the bellicon's elasticity. It's a great way to gently exercise your whole body, and benefit your health, with the least amount of stress. It's a workout favored by people with physical issues that make vigorous exercise difficult or painful. It's also a great way for beginners to become more comfortable with rebounding, or for more experienced users to warm up or cool down.

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Choosing Your bellicon: Advice For Our Senior Class
Each bellicon is custom assembled so that your bellicon will be just right for you. Here are some things to consider when deciding on which model, size, and bungee strength and accessories to choose:
Support bars
Support bars:

Our most popular accessory is our support bar. Made of the same heavy-duty steel as our frames, these custom handrails offer added security and stability, allowing you to exercise with confidence. Single Bar, $80 (please specify right or left hand), or Pair of Support Bars, $160(Click here to order Support Bars)

Frame sizes
Frame Sizes: 39”, 44”, and 49”

If you plan on using your bellicon primarily for “Health Bouncing,” you won’t need the large amount of mat space that the 49” model has to offer, and if you are on the smaller side, the 39” frame will probably suit you best.

Folding legs
Folding Legs:

If you will be ordering Support Bars, you should probably not order a bellicon with folding-legs, as Support Bars would need to be removed before the legs could be folded. In that case rather go with the screw-on-legs instead.

Bungee strength
Bungee Strength:

We offer five bungee strengths: Soft, Medium, Strong, X-Strong, Ultra-Strong.

When choosing your bungee strength, it’s best to choose the “Optimal Strength” for you weight class. However, there are exceptions (see next paragraph).

Finding the right Bungee Strength for certain Health Issues:

If you’ve been diagnosed with chronic pronation of the feet, so that your stability is an issue, consider choosing a bungee strength one step stronger.

Health issues

If your primary motivation for using the bellicon is to address osteoporosis or osteopenia, then we also suggest choosing a bungee strength one step stronger.

If you have medical issues of the knees, hips, lower back, spine, or any physical condition where the least amount of impact is required, we suggest getting a bungee strength one to two steps softer than normal, depending on the severity of the problem.

Great workouts for seniors on the bellicon

Whether Hip-Hop, Bop, Swing, or Stroll, Music Gets You On A Roll!

Your bellicon’s best friend is music! It makes such a difference to bounce on your bellicon when you tune into some familiar songs. You will figure: this way you really work out in no time.

We have put various lists together to get you going.

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