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The bellicon has a lot in common with the women who use it.

And speaking of similarities, let’s not forget adaptability. The high-gain, low-impact, all-around exercise that rebounding on a bellicon provides is perfect for just about anyone. Whether you’re a tennis champion working to increase your agility; a dedicated mother who needs to take care of herself as well; or a hard-working professional who wants the best possible workout in the least amount of time, bellicon has your answer.

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Convenient and flexible, it adapts to your schedule

The bellicon’s steel frame and polypropylene, UV resistant mat are ready to be used indoors or out, which will keep you jumping rain or shine. It’s also been proven that jumping on the bellicon is a better exercise for you than running (while being a lot more fun), so if you decide to take your workout beside the garden, or while watching TV, know that your body is benefitting even more than it would be if you were sloshing along the roadside. And speaking of the road, if you desire extra portability, or you plan to stow your bellicon between uses, a folding-leg option is available for each of our models.

Jump To A New Level Of Fitness And Health

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring or painful to be effective. Just a few minutes a day on our remarkable (and enjoyable to use) mini-trampoline will boost your health while increasing your energy, strength and endurance. Find out more about what the bellicon can for you.

Gravity, when combined with our highly elastic bungees, will engage all of the 638 muscles in your body gently and efficiently. The bellicon is particularly excellent for core muscles. Its stable, but pliable, surface automatically engages and tones your abdominal, back, side, buttock and pelvic muscles.


The bellicon offers the most complete, efficient method for getting you in shape from head to toe. Our unique, low-impact bungee suspension system, combined with the force of gravity, will work every muscle in your body with each bounce.

The bellicon combines the benefits of plyometrics (“jump training”), eccentric exercise, and core training with a world-class cardio workout. It the most effective and efficient way to build your strength from the inside out.

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The bellicon is the perfect solution for weight management: it provides an exceptional cardiovascular exercise with muscle conditioning and a host of health benefits to keep you on the track to your preferred weight without compromising your overall wellbeing.

Weight Management

When it comes to losing weight and keeping it off, dieting alone won’t do it.

Among the National Weight Control Registry, a group of more than 10,000 people who have lost an average of 66 pounds and kept it off for more than five years, 89 percent used exercise along with dieting to achieve success.

The bellicon provides a muscle-toning, metabolism-boosting workout that gets you in shape from head to toe and burns calories even hours after you’ve finished.

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Rebounding on the bellicon is the ideal exercise for strengthening bones and combating osteoporosis and its precursor, osteopenia. Using the bellicon can help to stop these diseases from progressing and, if begun early enough, can help to prevent them from ever starting.

Bones Love to Work Under Pressure

Bones, just like muscles, need exercise to grow and maintain their strength. Motion, along with weight-bearing exercise (exercise done while standing that uses a person’s own body weight), infuses bones with calcium and stimulates them to become stronger.

Rebounding on the bellicon provides the ideal exercise for people with osteoporosis and osteopenia. Each bounce takes you from up to 4-Gs (gravitational forces) to zero-Gs, giving your bones the weight-bearing workout they need to stay strong.

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Even just few minutes on the bellicon at the end of a hard day can make a big difference to your health and happiness: increasing blood flow to underused muscles, loosening overused ones, and releasing endorphins, our brain’s natural calming aid.

Stress Reduction

Everyone knows how exercise, as it increases the flow of blood and oxygen, helps the cardiovascular system, but we don’t often consider how it benefits the lymphatic system.

Our lymphatic system is responsible for taking the toxins, bacteria, dead cells…as well as cancer cells…that our immune system targets and removing them from our body. Since it has no pump, it needs motion and gravity to force the thick lymph fluid through our system.


A bellicon workout helps your body to flush out toxins, bacteria, cancer cells, and other unwanted debris. Each bounce takes you from up to 4 G-forces to zero gravity, dramatically increasing your lymphatic circulation. Cleanse your system from the inside out with a revitalizing bellicon workout.

Your Lymphatic System needs your help!
Lymphatic System

Everyone knows how exercise, as it increases the flow of blood and oxygen, helps the cardiovascular system, but we don’t often consider how it benefits the lymphatic system.

Our lymphatic system is responsible for taking the toxins, bacteria, dead cells…as well as cancer cells…that our immune system targets and removing them from our body. Since it has no pump, it needs motion and gravity to force the thick lymph fluid through our system.

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An ultra low-impact workout on the bellicon conditions you from head to toe while being extra easy on your joints. Afterward, instead of feeling sore or worn down, you’ll feel invigorated and refreshed. Nothing warms you up, cools you down, or revitalizes you better than exercising on the gentle, effective bellicon rebounder.


Relaxation is a key any successful exercise program. With time to recuperate, muscles and bones can’t rebuild and take advantage of all your hard work.

The warming up and cooling down periods of exercise are also a way to keep muscles and joints relaxed and flexible, which prevents injury, improving your range of motion and helping your heart and lungs adjust to the changes gently.

Bouncing on the bellicon will help you relax into or out of your workouts, or to shake off the stress and tension of a busy day.

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Have Fun And Let Our Bungees Do The Work
Fitness training never felt so good

The bellicon is so effective and enjoyable that instead of dreading your workouts, you’ll be looking forward to them. That’s because the patented, revolutionary suspension system of our mini-trampoline increases the benefits of rebounding while minimizing stress and strain, making a workout a pleasure. Our custom-formulated, ultra-elastic bungees will have you saying “Aaah!” instead of “Ugh!” as you bounce your way to new heights of fitness and health. After a bellicon workout, you’ll feel revitalized instead of exhausted.

Boost Your Health And Strengthen Your Bones While Improving Your Fitness

Keep in mind that a bellicon workout is not only enjoyable, it’s remarkably efficient: it engages and tones all 638 muscles in your body while bolstering your cardiovascular, lymphatic, and digestive systems. In fact, exercising on our mini-trampoline may be the best exercise available anywhere to strengthen bones, which is invaluable for women with osteoporosis, osteopenia, or those trying to prevent these diseases.

It’s also the most efficient way to mobilize your lymphatic system, helping your body to detoxify by ridding it of bacteria, environmental debris, and dead cells.


Customized For Your Needs And Your Style

The bellicon comes in three different frame sizes to fit you and your available space. These sizes reflect the diameter of the bellicon frame.
bellicon sizes

Every bellicon is custom assembled to fit you and your health and fitness needs. Our bungees are calibrated to give you the optimal bounce, making your bellicon workout the most enjoyable and effective possible. We offer three different frames sizes, each with a folding-leg option, to accommodate your available space and portability needs. We even provided a range of color combinations to fit your taste and decor, just another part of our effort to ensure your complete satisfaction.

A good way to get a sense of how the different sizes would fit you, or fit in your home, is to mark out the size on the floor.

Whisper Quiet

Forget all of the screeching and squeaking of cheap and inefficient spring-based rebounders. The bellicon’s uniquely designed bungee-based suspension is so quiet, and the frame so sturdy and stable, that it makes almost no sound at all. Many of our customers even use it in the same room where others are sleeping with no fear of disturbing them.

Nothing else like the bellicon!

Nothing else like it

The bellicon’s deceptively simple, elegant design conceals years of innovative engineering that have produced the ultimate mini-trampoline. Don’t be deceived by the hype of inferior spring rebounders or knock-off bellicon imitations: when it comes to performance, nothing comes close to a bellicon.

Great workouts for women on the bellicon

Whether Hip-Hop, Bop, Swing, or Stroll, Music Gets You On A Roll!

Your bellicon's best friend is music! It makes such a difference to bounce on your bellicon when you tune into some familiar songs. You will figure: this way you really work out in no time.

Check out this playlist that has been used for a bellicon workout class by Fayth Caruso.

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    This rebounder has far exceeded my expectations. One of the best features is the quiet bungee's feature. I can get up at 5:30 A.M. and jump for 20 minutes next to my son's bedroom and not have to worry about waking him up. It's very strong, light, attractive and supportive. My kids love it too...

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Jump up to a new level of Fitness. Order your bellicon today!
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