Happy New Year from the bellicon team!

By bellicon, January 11, 2011

Happy New Year from the bellicon team!

A new year brings the hope of new beginnings. For many people, it is the desire to get into better physical shape. If that's your wish for 2011, we want to cheer you on! That's why we have created a place for you to post your videos, pictures, and testimonials on our Facebook site:  The bellicon Friends Gallery.  

Show us and others your exercises on your bellicon!

Everyone occasionally needs a little encouragement to keep moving forward on their resolutions. This is certainly true when it comes to exercise. Who knows how many people your bellicon experience will encourage! An example is Kathy of Hartford, Connecticut. She uses her bellicon for cardio workouts, core training, and practicing her favorite dance steps. Kathy uploaded three videos to share her experience with others.  Have a look!
Many people have already let us know how much Kathy's exercise methods have helped them. So, let us and our circle of friends know how you are using your bellicon! In addition to the chance to "give back" to the bellicon user community, we want you to have the chance to be rewarded for your contribution. Here is how it works:

There are three ways to participate:1. post videos
2. post pictures3. post a review or a story
bellicon friends will have the chance to respond with "Like" (as always in Facebook). Contributors of video, pictures, and text postings that receive the most "Like" responses in the month they are posted will receive a choice of gift card. Gift card amounts for winners depend on the type of posting:  $100 for videos, $75 for pictures, and $50 for text only.  

Winners have their choice of gift cards from Target, Macy's, Best Buy, Lowes, iTunes or Starbucks. Winners will be named on the last day of each month, and a contribution can only win one time.

So, get on board and let us all know how your bellicon is helping you to fulfill your fitness and health wishes for 2011! The bellicon team January 2011

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