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Bellicon cheering the marathon runners in Chicago

By bellicon, October 13, 2014

The bellicon team bounced and cheered all the courageous participants of the 2014 Chicago Marathon.

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Additional exercises on the bellicon rebounder

By bellicon, October 10, 2014

Need more exercises for your bellicon? Check these out!

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Sixpax Group Class Workout on the bellicon

By bellicon, September 29, 2014

Have a great week with this 30 minute advanced training class with Fayth Caruso from Sixpaxx Chicago!

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JustBounce 20 Minutes Indoors Training from Remy Draaijer

By bellicon, September 25, 2014

Another great "JustBounce" video from Remy Draaijer providing 20 minutes of Power, Cardio, Flexibility, Balance and Relaxation routines. Start doing it and have fun!

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bellicon showroom in Chicago

By bellicon, September 22, 2014

Come and visit us in Chicago! Our bellicon showroom is a place where you find privacy to try out the different bellicon versions. We will assist you and teach you how to work out on the bellicon if desired.

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A look behind the scenes: Felix turns 43!

By bellicon, September 3, 2014

Regardless of his newly advanced age, and too much sparkling wine for 11:30 in the morning, Felix was able to blow out the candles all by himself…eventually.

Happy birthday, Felix, from all of us at bellicon USA!!!

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Bellicon Workout Challenge Success Story!

By bellicon, August 19, 2014

This past January to April of 2014 Julie embarked on a fitness challenge with bellicon. Her goal, with the help and support of bellicon and Fayth Caruso from Sixpax, was to lose 25 pounds, improve her diet and overall health, and to create a new fun fitness routine that she could stick with long term. There was a special catch: Julie could ONLY use her bellicon to do cardio and hit this goal!

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Mini trampolines, the go-to fitness tool for people seeking a joint-friendly cardio bounce

By Reuters, June 16, 2014

Everyone is talking about the joint-friendly bounce that rebounding and mini trampolines can offer your work out. But did you know that rebounding isn't only limited to bouncing?

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Bellicon bounce cycle

By bellicon, April 24, 2014

When describing how our products work, we place special emphasis on the bounce cycle that a bellicon user experiences. This cycle begins at the highest point in the bounce, and concludes when downward travel into the mat stops. The effect of a bounce cycle is most enjoyable and beneficial when travel time from top to bottom is the same as bottom to top (sinus rythm). This even, constant motion is deeply relaxing and has numerous health benefits. The key to the bellicon’s bounce quality is its highly elastic bungee rings, which by the way, are available in different weight classes and easy to replace. This enables you to tailor the bounce cycle to your specific exercise goals.

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Quick and Easy Fitness with the Bellicon Rebounder

By bellicon, April 21, 2014

Three health and fitness methods are put to the test - see why says the rebounding on the bellicon comes out ahead!

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