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Healthy Habits Rub Off On Your Partner

By John Hines, February 13, 2015

When you improve your health by exercising, losing weight or quitting smoking, the chances increase dramatically that your partner will, too.

A recent study published in JAMA Internal Medicine1, which included information from over 3,000 people, showed that, although maintaining a health lifestyle has a positive effect on a spouse or partner, a new, positive change in health behavior has a much greater effect.

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Need A Creative Boost? Take An Exercise Break

By John Hines, February 4, 2015

Have you been struggling to come up with a new business idea? Is writer’s block keeping you from finishing that screenplay? Are you having trouble finding a theme for this year’s fundraiser? Get your creative juices flowing again with a brain-boosting exercise break. Just 20 minutes of aerobic exercise can kick your brain into high gear, particularly when it comes to producing new and creative ideas.

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Stressing the Childhood Obesity Issue

By Felix Kunhardt, February 3, 2015

Childhood obesity is one of the leading health concerns in the United States. While many experts suggest regular exercise, the reality is that kids want to have fun, and traditional exercises like running, sit ups, and weight training don't fit the bill.

As a parent, how can you encourage your kids to live a healthy lifestyle? Meet the bellicon, the champion among mini trampolines. Jumping on the bellicon is a fun way to burn energy without the wear and tear of running or the repetitiveness of weight­ bearing exercises. Kids love bouncing up and down on...

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Lack Of Exercise Is Deadlier Than Obesity

By John Hines, January 19, 2015

If you’ve been looking for ways to convince friends or loved ones who are physically inactive to start exercising, the shocking results of a new study by Cambridge University might help: lack of exercise is twice as deadly as obesity. The enormous study, spanning 12 years and involving more than 330,000 people, showed that avoiding inactivity reduced the risk of premature death by almost twice as much as having a body mass below obesity levels. The most dramatic improvements in life expectancy were between those people who were generally inactive and those who got even a little regular exercise.

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The Importance of Warming-Up and Cooling-Down

By The American Heart Association, March 27, 2014

The following quote, part of which is used on our page about relaxation, is from the American Heart Association. The AHA website provides a wealth of information regarding health, exercise, nutrition and just about any other topic related to physical well being. It’s worth exploring.

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Repetition Improves Balance

By Vestibular Disorders Association, March 27, 2014

“Vestibular Disorders” are conditions that effect a person’s balance and/or create feelings of disorientation. Since balance is controlled by the brain, inner ear, and visual input, problems with any combination of these can result in vestibular difficulty. (The term “vestibular” refers to a person’s perception of their body’s position or movement.)

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Strengthening Ankles And Joints Helps Balance

By National Osteoporosis Foundation, March 27, 2014

The article “Keeping Your Balance,” on the National Osteoporosis Foundation website, has some good information and helpful tips on combating balance problems, especially for seniors.

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The AHA and DHHS Recommend Moderate Exercise

By U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, March 27, 2014

The American Heart Association’s recommendation of “150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise” per week is originally derived from a comprehensive group of studies and recommendations by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services entitled, “2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.”

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Eccentric Training and Seniors

By Aaron Bubbico, B.S. and Len Kravitz, PhD, March 25, 2014

“Due to muscle mass and strength decreases associated with aging and inactivity (referred to as sarcopenia), it is valuable to know that eccentric strength training is a principal training technique that can be incorporated with older male and female clients.

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Eccentric Exercise and Metabolism

By Aaron Bubbico, B.S. and Len Kravitz, Ph.D., March 25, 2014

The source material listed below is interesting, but it’s also a rather long, dry academic article. If you have a particular interest in Eccentric Exercise, and would like to understand it better from the molecular level up, it’s worth a look.

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