Purchased for lymphatic drainage

By CJR, December 15, 2013

Being recently diagnosed with thyroid disease and multi-nodular goiter, I have been experiencing swelling and pain in my lower neck, and also under my collarbone area. The pain was getting worse, even after 6 months of daily medication and iodine. Then I just happened to be invited over by my nephews to bounce on their new outdoor trampoline. I only bounced with them about 10 minutes. The next morning I woke to find that 75% of my neck pain was gone. I immediately wondered why and this started me on my journey to learning about lymphatic drainage. This rebounder was purchased specifically for this purpose. I have only had it a few days now, but have been using it daily and would estimate my pain is now over 95% resolved. At this time, I can only attribute this to the lymphatic drainage caused by this type of exercise. I now suspect I have some sort of lymph node congestion, and plan on making rebounding a part of my daily life - which is why I spent the money and bought this brand. I hope to update this review in the future, once I have more use under my belt.

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