You Get What You Pay For

By Susan, August 2, 2013

I came across the Bellicon during my research for a rebounder--and the more I read the more I knew I HAD to have the Bellicon--even though it IS expensive. However, the quality is everything they say it is. Ours sits in the corner of the den--you have to pass it to go to the kitchen--my hope is that my husband or I will jump on for a few minutes several times a day. My husband has mild Parkinson's, and rebounding is a good exercise for him. It is dead silent--you can jump or bounce and watch tv quite easily. Months after the Bellicon arrived I was cleaning out the storage room and found an el cheapo mini-trampoline--it was like trying to bounce on concrete! Once you have tried the Bellicon it will be impossible to settle for less! I hope that using it will reverse my pre-osteoperosis! Let you know in a year or so!

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