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By Gail M., May 15, 2013

My 55 year-old body has numerous health issues, including Severe Fibromyalgia, Brain Injuries and a form of club foot--Metatarsus Adductus. And whilst the Bellicon seemed like a form of exercise I might be able to do, I wasn't sure. Then I read the article on the Bellicon website about how Rebounding can improve a person's physical balance. (you could add a link to the article here.) After reading the article, I decided to purchase the Bellicon. Now, after using it VERY GENTLY for two and a half months, I feel more balance in my body. When gently bouncing, (it's just more of an up and down swaying) I keep my feet on the mat, because higher bouncing with feet off the mat made me too tired too quickly. So, my bouncing is soft and easy. I do this for about five to seven minutes. AND I do have something to hold on to for stability, if I feel the need. I THANK Bellicon for designing this with the quiet bungee straps, which are far superior to the straps of a less expensive rebounder I had found at a resale shop to try out. That one hurt my knees and back. So, I will continue to use this remarkable Bellicon, eager to see what other benefits manifest in my life, grateful to have more balance. Infinite Possibilities Are Everywhere. Sincerely, Gail M. in USA

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