I love bellicon!

By Kristy, February 17, 2013

The customer service I received even before my purchase was wonderful, as Michelle promptly replied to my many emails and phone calls, answering all my questions and helping me decide which model to get, since I was unable to get to the showroom in person to make the decision. And then as soon as it arrived, my inner child unleashed and I immediately ripped open the packaging, quickly screwed on the legs, and off I went, jumping away and enjoying the soft, bouncy aerobic benefits that the website and other users testimonials had spoken highly of. Now one month on, I continue to use my Bellicon several times a week, following the guidance of Kimberly and Kate on the free instructional video as I advance my way to more complicated and varied maneuvers, now that my confidence and familiarity with using the rebounder is high. I'm also pleased that I got the 39" as it's easily packed away in my small studio apartment after each use..... That is until friends come over and ask to have-a-go on it, too!! :) I love Bellicon! From one happy customer, Kristy

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