The Bentley of Rebounders!

By Dee, April 19, 2012

Best exercise equipment investment I've made. No G-force jarring in the neck and upper back area like my other rebounder. Smooth jump. I have a spin bike, treadmill and the bellicon I can see enjoying daily because I get bored with equipment after a while. With the bellicon, I can do a simple health bounce just standing in front of the TV because it does not take a lot out if me. Some days I just don't want to be bothered with exercise because it feels like a chore but not this bellicon! I am excited to just get on it and bounce slow and easy... it feels way better than my other rebounder. I went to the showroom to test it out and my salesperson Bibi was a doll, there was no pressure to purchase; as a matter of fact I went to simply to test and purchase in the fall but loved it so much I bought it on the spot. I want to prolong my life expectancy and overall health with a simple form of exercise -- thus the bellicon was my choice!

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