My plantar fasciitis is so much better

By Karen, December 10, 2010

Somebody asked me what I liked about the bellicon rebounder and I said everything. About two months ago I was researching rebounders as a form of exercise but I always held myself back because of all the room they took to store. I also found the noise of the traditional rebounder to be very offensive. While searching the web I came across the bellicon website and became very intrigued. I was impressed with the size options, quality of workmanship and most of all the folding legs. And the noise? What noise? With the bungee system there is no noise. I have always been into exercise but I wanted something that would be fun. This was the ticket. I have had issues with my knee and have noticed it has been strengthening the muscles around it and now I am having much less discomfort. I have also been battling plantar fasciitis in my left foot. I have been doing all my stretches and exercises, but I feel the bellicon rebounder has helped strengthen the muscles on the bottom of my foot. My plantar fasciitis is so much better. I jump on it for one half hour in front of the television and the the time flies by. Thank you bellicon! Karen A.

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