Beautiful and well-made!

By Gianna, April 17, 2014

I received my 39" bellicon recently and was extremely impressed by the quality of the rebounder. It is a beautiful, substantial, well-made piece of equipment. I started performing the "health bounce" twice a day for 10 minutes the day after I received the rebounder. While using it I find the bellicon to be extremely stable, there is no shifting or movement of the equipment. It is completely silent while being used, which speaks to the excellent quality. The best part is I look forward to performing my health bounce because from the first time I used it, I feel extremely energized and happy after my 10 minutes. I would highly recommend a bellicon to anyone considering purchasing a rebounder. I can't imagine having a low-quality rebounder, I am sure my experience would be completely different. I am a very happy customer.

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