Bellicon is truly the best! I had researched rebounders, to ultimately decide on the Bellicon 49', and I am thrilled with my decision!

By Laura, April 29, 2014

The Bellicon 49' is the most fun exercise I have ever experienced. Not only do I feel like I have tackled an effective workout, but it is so much fun!

Having been in an exercise lull for several, several months, I feel I have found an exercise I enjoy and look forward to each day. Also, I feel it's so convenient, I am able to get smaller jump sessions throughout the day!

There is not one person who does not fall in LOVE with the Bellicon who gets the opportunity to take a JUMP!

On top of all of the health benefits, the non-existence of a jumping noise, the fun factor, and the quality, you can't get any more excellent customer service. Each time I've called Bellicon, I've been greeted on the other end by exceptional service!

I will recommend Bellicon to everyone---as you see, even my dog, Oxford, loves it!

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