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Warning: Allergies are trying to keep you out of shape!

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So you’ve been waiting all winter to start exercising outdoors, and you’ve just barely begun when your workout goes from easy and breezy to wheezy and sneezy. Seasonal allergies are trying to keep you from losing that winter weight and getting back in shape. Don’t let it happen!

The bellicon mini-trampoline will help you get back in shape and stay there, no matter what your allergies throw at you.

Regular exercise is extremely important for everyone’s health, fitness and and overall well-being, and that includes the 50 million people in the U.S. who suffer from allergies. Whether your allergies are the outdoor, “hay fever” seasonal type (caused by airborne pollens and other allergens), the indoor variety (from mold, dust or pet dander) or from exercise itself (“exercise-induced asthma”), bellicon can help you get the exercise you need.

bellicon to the Rescue

The bellicon not only provides the best total-body workout available, but it’s also portable and ready to be used indoors or out. This allows you to quickly and easily move your workouts to avoid any pesky allergens (try doing that with a treadmill or elliptical!)

The bellicon is also weather resistant, and our polypropylene mats are made to resist the destructive effects of UV rays, so it’s sunshine friendly. Our bungees have been designed with a special synthetic rubber that is safe for people with latex allergies (as well as being more elastic, more durable and easier to recycle than natural rubber.)

Even better, the exceptional aerobic workout that the bellicon provides can, with regular use, actually help to diminish some allergy symptoms, including asthma, according to a report by the National Institute of Health.

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Exercise-Induced Asthma

Exercise induced asthma EIA

Exercise-Induced Asthma (EIA) is one of the most common allergy-related issues people face with their workouts. Exercised-Induced Asthma occurs because the increased breathing rate during exercise can dry out the moist lining of our lungs. Symptoms can included coughing, wheezing, or shortness of breath.

The bellicon can help people with exercised-induced asthma by giving them the option of bringing their workout indoors on colder, drier days when the symptoms are more likely to occur.

Since Exercise-Induced Asthma usually takes about 8 to 10 minutes to develop, you can divide your workouts into 10 minute segments and do them throughout the day. You can get a full day’s workout a bit at a time by using your bellicon for fun, energizing “health breaks” between your other activities.

How can you reduce or prevent allergic reactions when exercising?

Tips to reduce or prevent reactions when exercising:

check your local weather source
Check The Weather

Local news and Internet weather sources can provide daily pollen conditions for your area. They can also warn you about unhealthy levels of air pollutants, which affect breathing and can also increase the potency of airborn allergens.

prepare for the expected

Prepare For The Expected

If you know that your allergies are active, consider using your allergy medication prior to outdoor exercise and before your symptoms begin. “Suffering through” allergy related breathing problems isn’t a good policy and can lead to potentially dangerous situations. If you use a rescue inhaler, make sure it’s handy whenever you exercise during allergy season or near allergy triggers.

bounce indoors
Start Slowly

The more intense your level of exercise, the faster you breathe and the more pollen and other irritants are exposed to your lungs, eyes and nasal cavities. If you begin with a gentle warmup, you should be able to gauge how your allergies are being affected and adjust accordingly. Including warmups and a cool downs with your workout not only makes the onset of allergic reactions more tolerable, but it’s better for your heart, muscles and joints as well.

bounce indoors
Move Inside (or out)

Don’t let pollen or other airborne irritants keep you from exercising, just move your workout indoors until outdoor conditions are more favorable. Of course, if you’re sensitive to indoor allergens like mold, dust and pet dander, than moving outdoors might better for you. If you have questions or concerns about allergies, be sure to talk with your doctor. They can advise you on the best way to exercise with your specific allergies.

You don’t need to let allergies stand it the way of your health and fitness any longer. Fight back with bellicon!

Great workouts on the bellicon to flush the allergens away

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  • by KatieWay better than my old spring rebounder!

    As soon as soon as I started jumping on the Bellicon I noticed how much higher I bounced and with so much less effort. My workouts on my old rebounder can only be compared to jumping on concrete. Now I can exercise for a longer period of time with less effort and feel amazing when I am done...

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    When I jumped on the bellicon - it was like going from a Ford Taurus to a Mercedes Benz!!!!! Well worth every penny! I wish I would have known and recommended the bellicon instead of the cellerciser to our patients - but from now on we will. Thank you for a great, healing product...

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