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Every major health organization, government health agency, and private physician will tell you the same thing: “The best thing for your heart is exercise.”

We all know this, but few of us put it into practice either because we can’t find the time, or we think it would be too difficult (or boring), or we think we’re too out of shape to get started. If any of this sounds familiar, we’ve got a solution for you.

The bellicon rebounder is not only the best and most convenient way to exercise your heart, it’s also fun.

While giving your cardiovascular system the blood flow and oxygen it needs to be strong, you will also be strengthening your muscles, lubricating your joints, improving your balance, stimulating your lymphatic system, and hardening your bones. Instead of avoiding the issue, you’ll be able to enjoy the process…along with the benefits of a healthier heart and a more energetic life.

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Your Heart is going to Love this

The American Heart Association says that, “the simplest, most positive thing you can do to improve your heart health is to begin doing aerobic (i.e. cardiovascular) exercise.”

In a U.S. News and World Report special feature on fitness, developed with Duke University School of Medicine, they repeat the AHA’s recommendation for cardio exercise, and added: “There are three primary categories of exercise:

Activities that promote cardiovascular health (aerobic)

Activities that build strength

Activities that increase flexibility and balance”

You’ll get the benefit of all three of these with every bellicon workout. (We’d like to see a treadmill or stair-climber do that for you!)

Why is the bellicon so effective?

Our mini-trampoline is able to offer so many benefits because of the way the human body reacts to jumping on the bellicon’s uniquely designed suspension system.

Every bounce engages and strengthens all of the 638 muscles in your body, along with your heart, lungs, bones and lymphatic system. The up and down motion, ranging from as much as 4 Gs of force as the bottom of the bounce to zero Gs at the top, allows the cells in your body to be flushed of impurities and soak up nutrients. It also accelerates your lymphatic system’s removal of toxins, bacteria and dead cells, cleansing you at the molecular level. A bellicon workout also improves your digestion and even (studies show) improves your mental capacity.

It’s almost impossible to find another exercise that is as comprehensive and beneficial as a workout on a bellicon rebounder.

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How Much Exercise Do I Need?

How much exercise do I need?

The Mayo Clinic and the National Institute for Health suggest that you engage in aerobic activity for 30 minutes, five times per week, although you can achieve some of the benefits of cardio conditioning with lesser amounts of time.

They also mention that breaking up that time throughout the day into 10 minute sessions will achieve the same results, which is perfect for the bellicon. We encourage bellicon owners to leave their rebounders out where they can see them, so that they are more likely to take short “belli-breaks” of 10 minutes or so throughout the day. These mini-workouts are not only energizing and invigorating, but they add up to wonderful long-term health and fitness gains, including a more efficient cardiovascular system.

Of course, the amount of exercise that’s right for you depends on your health and physical condition. Make sure that you consult with your doctor before beginning any exercise program, particularly if you have a heart condition.

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Make The Leap

...Your Heart Will Love You For It

The Center for Disease Control says that 1 in 3 American adults have high blood pressure and that almost another third have prehypertension. Not only that, but “69% of people who have a first heart attack, 77% of people who have a first stroke, and 74% of people with chronic heart failure have high blood pressure.”

These statistics are frightening, but fortunately there are many things we can do to prevent high blood pressure. Along with a better diet and maintaining a healthy weight, the CDC says, “Be physically active. Physical activity can help lower blood pressure…control your weight, (and) reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.” “Regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health.”

TAKE HEART! Your health and fitness can improve with gentle, moderate-level exercise regardless of your age, weight, or present physical condition. When beginning a new workout routine, remember to start slowly: even a few minutes a day of cardiovascular exercise can make a world of difference to your overall health and well-being.

“Studies show that people who stay physically active enjoy a higher quality of life overall than those with sedentary lifestyles and reap numerous benefits that include: Improved overall cardiovascular health due to increased strength and resiliency in the heart muscle, arteries, and blood vessels.” U.S. News & World Report

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    It raises my heart rate to an aerobic state (which is my main concern). I wear a heart rate monitor to ensure my session reaches the cardio state. It is really easy to get to my target HR & sustain it for the 20-30 minutes. Plus it's fun! I am so glad I ordered the folding legs model because...

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  • by KristyI love bellicon!

    And then as soon as it arrived, my inner child unleashed and I immediately ripped open the packaging, quickly screwed on the legs, and off I went, jumping away and enjoying the soft, bouncy aerobic benefits that the website and other users testimonials had spoken highly of...

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  • by RobertI congratulate you on an excellent product

    I have been rebounding for 45-minute sessions 5 days per week over the past 9 years and have found it the best form of excercise. I used a spring rebounder but grew tired of replacing the springs and tearing mats so I thought I would try a bellicon and finally ordered one. All I can say is that I wish...

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  • by HeatherI am 100% satisfied with my purchase!

    For the first time in my life I can get the cardio I need and work my arms out and love every minute of it. I never take more than one day off a week from my routine and I am starting to see my legs slim down, and the definition in my abs return since having 2 kids. My husband is happy and is noticing my results...

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