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People Are Built for Jumping...and so is the bellicon

Rebounding on the bellicon has so many wonderful health benefits that, when we list them, it seems too good to be true. How can an activity that is so simple (and fun) revitalize and renew such a wide range of bodily functions?

One way to explain it is to consider the way we live today: moving from our beds to our cars to our desks and back again. Our bodies just weren’t designed for this.

Five thousand years ago our ancestors were following herds of animals, searching vast landscapes for fruits and grains, and swimming in lakes and oceans for fish. Their bodies were their greatest tool, and it functioned perfectly for these tasks.

We’ve inherited their bodies, but not their lifestyle.

Our bodies still need that kind of activity to function correctly, and without it we open ourselves up to a wide range of health problems. It’s as though we’ve been given the body of an antelope, but we care for it like a potted plant.

Jumping on the bellicon gives your body what it needs. It provides the kind of movement and stimulation required for your body to function properly, to keep you healthy, alert, and energetic. Your heart and lungs need it to maintain or improve their strength and capacity, and to give you energy and endurance. Your bones need it to stay strong and to prevent losing density and becoming brittle as you grow older. Your immune system needs it to flush out toxins and waste from your body to keep you healthy, alert, and vigorous.

So get your body in balance. Find out what just a few minutes a day on the bellicon can do to renew your health, fitness, and peace of mind.

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Jump up to a new level of Fitness.
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