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  • Helping with my balance, energy, fitness and overall health

    By Debra, January 19, 2016

    I'm nearly 65 and have been dealing with a Vestibular (balance) disorder 24/7 for 19 years. bellicon is truly helping with my balance, energy, fitness and overall health. I am able to use this rebounder daily, despite arthritis, Morton's Neuroma on my left foot and a torn meniscus in my right knee! It is low impact and fun! Did I mention I'm a very firm size 4? I only wish I had known about it 20 years ago! Thank you, bellicon!

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  • Fabulous!

    By Char, January 17, 2016

    I have tried so many different exercise programs and always approached each one with intensity that only waned as the weeks went by. I intermittently used a spring rebounder that really was unsatisfactory in performance but I really liked the concept and the benefits. Then I happened to come across a bellicon ad, got very intrigued but agonized over the purchase. It took me 6 months to take the plunge and make the purchase. I am ADDICTED! I bounce every day for an hour! I can't wait to get home from work to bounce! It is so much fun that I was skeptical about the real benefits. My doubts were unfounded. Thank you bellicon!

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  • Awesome

    By Jen, January 13, 2016

    I have it set up in the living room and look forward to bouncing everyday. An ulterior motive was to get my husband to bounce so I purchased the bungees that were suitable for him. He had tonsil cancer in the past and I worry about his lymph system. He'll put the kitchen timer on for five minutes and bounce! That makes me really happy. I have a lot of fun working out on my bellicon. It's so wonderful to be able to do jumping jacks again! Just about any workout I was able to do on the floor I can do on the bellicon. And it's so quiet! What a great gift this is for someone in your life you care about.

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  • Bouncing My Way Back to Health

    By Jo, January 12, 2016

    I'm so glad I spent the extra $$ to purchase a Bellicon rebounder! It is sooo much quieter and easier to bounce and carry around than my old spring rebounder. The major benefit for me, however, is its lymph-cleansing and bone-building potential both of which I need, post-cancer/osteopenia. I try to be proactive about my health, and this is a fun way to do that.

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  • Love my Bellicon and the Company!

    By Tiffany, January 11, 2016

    My Bellicon arrived in days and it was ready to go right out of the box (I bought the attached legs so I just had to turn them up) It is really fun and the videos on be360 and youtube are great to follow. I like that just a few minutes of jumping improves your day. I had several questions and the "Chat" support is 5 star! They quickly helped me out and took care of everything. I have never rebounded before and was not sure what type of rebounder to get. With the great customer support and the product exceeding my expectations I am so happy I went with the Bellicon.

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  • One Year Later - Still Love

    By Rainy1, January 8, 2016

    I purchased a 44" Bellicon over a year ago. It sits in my room. I haven't been the best about maintaining a great schedule with it, so I am excited to use BE360. I like the videos and think that my workout is more fun with the addition of this service.

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  • The best piece of equipment we own!

    By Michigan Bouncer, January 7, 2016

    My husband and I bought the middle sized model for our home gym because we both have joint issues and found through extensive research that rebounding was a great low-impact, high intensity workout. We LOVE it. We love it so much we bought a second one. This one is the smallest version, and we went with the folding legs this time. This little (and it's really not that little) baby is behind my desk at work so that when I need a break but to have time or the social acumen for a walk around my building, I just hop on for a few minutes. I am learning to deal with the strange looks and questions, and I am so grateful to have it here. Bought TWO you say?! You must be rich, and money of no object. No, this is so far from true. We are lower middle class recent college grads with student l…

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  • I have 3 classic's and 1 premium bellicon

    By allpowertrainer, January 6, 2016

    Bellicon's are my favorite modality of exercise on the planet!!! I use bellicon's everyday for my family and my clients, I aim for 30 min. a day of running(on Bellicon), kick boxing(on Bellicon) and strength bouncing 5-6 days per wk. I feel like I did as a teenager and I'll be 44 in a few days! Thank you Team Bellicon you guys are awesome!!! Keep making a difference!

    live all power
    Don -personal trainer/coach

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  • Loving it!

    By Jules, January 3, 2016

    I just received my Bellicon as a Christmas present today, and just finished using it for 15 minutes. I absolutely love it! I'm leaving it in my living room so I can jump on it when I want. Since I got the one with the folding legs, I can fold it up when we have company; otherwise, it's staying out!

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  • Just what I needed!

    By Candee, January 2, 2016

    Recently diagnosed with osteoporosis and having suffered a stroke (a year ago from which I've fully recovered), I knew that I had to get moving and stay moving not to mention remain motivated!

    I'm amazed how quickly I can become aerobic, remain so and NOT have any issues with my joints. This is so much easier and a lot more fun than exercising on a treadmill.

    Thank you! I can't wait to see the improvement in my bone scan!

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1Select your bellicon model: Which model is right for me?
Which model is right for me?

Both frame styles, the Classic and the Premium, are engineered to our uncompromising standards of strength and durability.

The bellicon Classic has an elegant black, glossy, powder-coated finish and has been designed for years of reliable service.

The bellicon Premium has a stainless steel finish, which gives it a beautiful, timeless look and protects it from scratches. It has a high-tech inner thread where the legs meet the frame, making the join firmer and more durable than the already exceptional regular legs. This frame is also largely anti-septic and therefore suitable for clinical practices and hospital use.

2Select your frame size: Which is the right size for me?
Which is the right size for me?

The bellicon comes in three different frame sizes:

The 39”, our most compact and portable size. The 44”, our most popular size, with a larger mat space (40% larger jumping area than the 39”) allowing for greater movement. The 49”, with 33% more jumping area than the 44”, and 88% more than the 39”, our largest size is truly a “mini trampoline.”

The rule regarding frame size is generally “the bigger the better,” because the larger mat space allows for a wider range of movements and exercises. If floor space is an issue, or you’d like greater portability, then a smaller frame might be best.

3Select your leg option: Which leg style is better for me?
Which leg style is better for me?

Though we recommend that your bellicon be left out and visible (so that you’re more likely to use it), we do offer a folding leg option if you plan on putting it away between uses. Folding legs allow your bellicon to lay flat quickly, making it easier to stow in a closet, under a bed, or to take with you on the road.

Compared to the folding-leg model, which can be stowed away in moments, the screw-in the legs take less than two minutes to remove and less than four to attach.

4Select your bungee strength: Which bungee strength is right for me?
Which bungee strength is right for me?

When choosing a bungee strength, your body weight is the most important factor to consider. If possible, choose the Optimal Strength recommended for your weight. This will give you the most complete, beneficial bounce cycle.

Consider a bungee strength stronger if any of these apply to you:
- You are combating osteoporosis or osteopenia.
- Chronic foot pronation that has required treatment or corrective footwear.
- Problems with balance. (You might also consider our support bars.)
- You primary use will be for fast exercises or jogging.

Consider a bungee strength softer if any of these apply to you:
- Your primary interest is “Health Bouncing”: gentle bouncing to condition muscles and improve health.
- You suffer from osteoarthritis or lymphedema of the legs.
- You have issues with your back, discs, knees, joints or vertebrae or any condition that requires extra gentleness.

5Select your bungee color: Which bungee color should I choose?
Which bungee color should I choose?

The most important consideration is personal taste…which color do you prefer? Which will inspire you to exercise? The brighter bungee colors, just like the brighter mat colors, do make it a little easier to see the edge of the jumping surface with your peripheral vision.

Our hope that you will put your bellicon in a common area, where you will be most likely to use it, so you might consider choosing colors to fit that room’s decor.

6Select your mat color: Which mat color should I choose?
Which mat color should I choose?

Choose a mat color to match or to contrast your bungee color, or to fit the room in which you plan to use it. The brighter mat colors, just like the brighter bungee colors, do make it a little easier to see the edge of the jumping surface with your peripheral vision.

A bright mat color does make it easier to see the edge of the jumping surface with your peripheral vision. Of course, the colored ring on the mat is a raised layer of fabric, making it easier to feel the edge with your feet when you’re near it.

7Your bellicon selection:

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