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REBOUND WITH DEB – one of the many bellicon ACADEMY successes!

By bellicon TRAINING, June 16, 2016

Last month we launched our bellicon ACADEMY program. The bellicon ACADEMY offers a variety of training options to teach anyone interested in educating others and sharing the joys and benefits of the bellicon exercise regime.

The bellicon ACADEMY courses are held on site at bellicon STUDIO in Chicago, or at partner studios around the US, or specifically organized at requested premises. In May our Master Trainer Tara went to Montana for a special private bellicon ACADEMY session with Deb Marbut.

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Join the bellicon team as a trainer!

By Felix Kunhardt, May 25, 2016

bellicon Studio Opening Summer 2016!

bellicon USA, maker of the world’s highest quality mini trampoline is opening the first of many to come US studio in Chicago’s West Loop.

bellicon has many successful studios in Europe and have now decided to expand in the US.
Our loft style studio will include bellicon classes and host bellicon Academy trainings. bellicon Studio is ready to TRAIN and HIRE new trainers for the Studio. Join the bellicon team!

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Study shows rebounding burns fat and improves cardio better than running

By John Hines, April 12, 2016

A new study, published in the International Journal of Sports Science, has concluded that rebounding exercise is twice as effective at improving aerobic fitness and 50% more efficient at burning fat than running. It also showed that exercising on a mini-trampoline increased vertical jumping ability.

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Come and bounce with us at IHRSA in Orlando

By Felix Kunhardt, March 19, 2016

bellicon USA at IHRSA 2016 in Orlando The upcoming IHRSA in Orlando is the main event in the USA where all the fitness industry gets together and exciting new equipment and workout are introduced to the American Fitness world. This year bellicon USA have granted their participation to the exhibit and will unveil some great new novelties: the new bellicon Academy and two new products recently launched on the American market.

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By Felix Kunhardt, February 24, 2016

CHICAGO, IL – February 23, 2016 - bellicon USA, the world’s leader in rebounder equipment, today announced two new models in bellicon’s line of premium-quality fitness trampolines: the bellicon Plus and the bellicon Jumping® Fitness.

Both new models include an integrated T-bar accessory that allows users to perform fast-paced, high-energy workouts that would be impossible without the use of hand support. The bellicon, with its custom-formulated bungee suspension and German engineering, has long been considered the best fitness trampoline, or “rebounder,” on the market. These new models represent the first major addition to its product line since the founding of bellicon USA in 2010.

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By John Hines, December 2, 2015

We've learned a great deal about the effects of rebounding and try to keep up with current health and fitness studies, especially those that have some relationship to rebounding, which allows us to share information or advice with our customers. Because of all this, we felt that I’d be a good choice to provide a response to the wordpress blog post "How not to be conned by bellicon USA"

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Good vs Bad Exercise Pain

By Patricia Matuschka, July 13, 2015

Good vs Bad Exercise PainYou've heard it before, "No pain, no gain". But when does pain become a serious issue and not just a good burn?

Are You Sore Or Is It Something More?
Exercise is a healthy habit to establish but for those new to exercising or starting a new routine, it may be difficult to determine if the resulting soreness is part of the normal spectrum of pain or whether it is a symptom of injury. Exercise routines need to be done with correct alignment, awareness of one’s sensations as they relate to the performed action, and with modification to accommodate previous injuries. Knowing the difference between good and bad pain helps individuals to alter their practice and seek medical attention when necessary.

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Men’s Health Week

By Patricia Matuschka, June 15, 2015

Men´s Health Week It’s Men’s Health Week and we here at bellicon encourage men to take charge of their health and be proactive by exercising and eating right. Men´s Health Week is from June 15 through the 21st this year and now more than ever is an important time to be discussing healthy male lifestyles and being proactive.

As stated by Bill Richardson (Congressman),“Recognizing and preventing men’s health problems is not just a man’s issue. Because of its impact on wives, mothers, daughters, and sisters, men’s health is truly a family issue.”

8 Tips for Keeping Track of Your Fitness Progress

By Patricia Matuschka, June 5, 2015

Keep Track of Your Fitness Progress You're determined to make a change and have recommitted to reaching your fitness goals. However, all too many people make this pledge, only to lose motivation and not follow through. We've all been there, but fortunately there are ways to maximize your odds of success. Keeping track of your fitness progress can help you to stay motivated and on track toward succeeding with your fitness goals. While there is no "one size fits all" method for tracking fitness progress, there are a number of markers and measurements that can help.

Here are eight of the top ways you can track your fitness and see the results you're getting from week to week:

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Study Finds Autistic Children More Sedentary

By John Hines, May 28, 2015

Autistic Children More Sedentary A recent Oregon State University study showed that autistic children tend to be significantly less active than their non-autistic peers. The study, which was published last fall in “Autism Research and Treatment,” showed that autistic children participated in 50 minutes less of moderate physical activity than typically-developed children, and spent 70 minutes more each day sitting.

Fortunately, the study also showed that autistic children were just as physically capable as their peers. “Our results are encouraging as they indicate that children and youth with an ASD (Autism spectrum disorder) show capacity to meet daily guidelines for physical fitness and activity.”

How to Start Working Out

By Felix Kunhardt, April 24, 2015

how to start working out

Congratulations on your decision to get into shape! It is one that can make you feel better physically, but the benefits can go much further. Exercise can boost your mood, help you think more clearly, and keep away unwanted pounds.

If you’re not used to exercising, the most important piece of advice is to start slowly. Starting too fast can get you injured, discourage you if you feel disappointed in yourself, and lead to burnout. This is how you can start slow with exercise so you can make it part of your life for the long-term.

The Benefits of Rebounding

By Felix Kunhardt, April 15, 2015

benefits of rebounding Bouncing around might be fun, but it won't give you an effective workout, right? Wrong! Exercising on a trampoline provides plenty of smiles while giving you a great workout at the same time. The bellicon trampoline takes the benefits of a rebounder to the next level to give you one of the best trampoline workouts you can achieve.

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Having Fun with the bellicon

By Felix Kunhardt, April 10, 2015

Having Fun with the Bellicon By now, it’s no secret that the bellicon rebounder is fun and easy to use. Mini trampolines are an excellent way to not only burn off stress, pounds, and boost your immune system, but they are also a fun way to pass the time and get active while you’re at it. We wanted to show you some fun and interesting ways that people around the world are using the bellicon and how you can start using yours today!

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How Athletes Use the bellicon

By Felix Kunhardt, April 3, 2015

If you're at all familiar with the bellicon mini trampoline, you are already well aware of the health and fitness benefits that you can gain from regular exercise on the device. Yes, you might say that the bellicon is for everyone and anyone. It can be used to tone muscles, control weight, detoxify, de-stress, recharge or even to treat medical conditions like osteoarthritis.

It's perfect for both women and men, children and senior citizens. But what you might not know about the bellicon is that professional athletes and fitness celebrities are also beginning to incorporate it into their training and champion its use. Here's a look at how NBA basketball star Joakim Noah, boxer Darren Barker and celebrity fitness/lifestyle consultant Ashley Borden use the bellicon.

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Exercising with Resistance Bands

By Felix Kunhardt, March 31, 2015

When you want to add a strength training component to your workouts, you are not limited to using weight machines or free weights. You also have the option of using resistance bands, which offer convenience and versatility for your workouts.

These bands give you a lot of options, so you can work out however you want to and make exercising more fun. They are suitable for different fitness levels, making it easy to get started with strength training or to switch up a stale routine.

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Getting Ready for Spring and Summer

By Felix Kunhardt, March 6, 2015

“I resolve to lose weight and look great.”

Let’s see a show of hands who has heard this recently or maybe even said it themselves. It’s OK, you’re among friends, since “Weight Loss” and “Look and Feel Better” seem to top pretty much everyone's list of favorite New Year’s resolutions.

With all the so-good but so-bad food, stresses and crummy weather we’ve all dealt with over the holidays, the start of a new year is a perfect opportunity to explore new options or return to a shelved goal of a slimmer, healthier you in 2015.

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Healthy Habits Rub Off On Your Partner

By John Hines, February 13, 2015

When you improve your health by exercising, losing weight or quitting smoking, the chances increase dramatically that your partner will, too.

A recent study published in JAMA Internal Medicine1, which included information from over 3,000 people, showed that, although maintaining a health lifestyle has a positive effect on a spouse or partner, a new, positive change in health behavior has a much greater effect.

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Need A Creative Boost? Take An Exercise Break

By John Hines, February 4, 2015

Have you been struggling to come up with a new business idea? Is writer’s block keeping you from finishing that screenplay? Are you having trouble finding a theme for this year’s fundraiser? Get your creative juices flowing again with a brain-boosting exercise break. Just 20 minutes of aerobic exercise can kick your brain into high gear, particularly when it comes to producing new and creative ideas.

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Stressing the Childhood Obesity Issue

By Felix Kunhardt, February 3, 2015

Childhood obesity is one of the leading health concerns in the United States. While many experts suggest regular exercise, the reality is that kids want to have fun, and traditional exercises like running, sit ups, and weight training don't fit the bill.

As a parent, how can you encourage your kids to live a healthy lifestyle? Meet the bellicon, the champion among mini trampolines. Jumping on the bellicon is a fun way to burn energy without the wear and tear of running or the repetitiveness of weight­ bearing exercises. Kids love bouncing up and down on...

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Lack Of Exercise Is Deadlier Than Obesity

By John Hines, January 19, 2015

If you’ve been looking for ways to convince friends or loved ones who are physically inactive to start exercising, the shocking results of a new study by Cambridge University might help: lack of exercise is twice as deadly as obesity. The enormous study, spanning 12 years and involving more than 330,000 people, showed that avoiding inactivity reduced the risk of premature death by almost twice as much as having a body mass below obesity levels. The most dramatic improvements in life expectancy were between those people who were generally inactive and those who got even a little regular exercise.

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Are New Year's Resolutions Worth Making?

By John Hines, January 5, 2015

(Spoiler Alert: They Are!)
Every year, just as the holiday frenzy has died down enough for us to relax and begin the long, arduous post-holiday digestion process, we are hit by the next wave of seasonal responsibility: New Year’s resolutions! Everywhere you turn, the media, bereft of holiday programming, gushes an endless supply of advice about choosing and keeping our resolutions. We, in turn, begin hoping that we’ll find a way to finally make those overdue changes...and that our list of resolutions won’t keep looking like a photocopy of our previous year’s.

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A New Year, A New You

By Felix Kunhardt, December 31, 2014

The New Year brings with it high expectations of wealth, love, happiness and, of course, weight loss. The University of Scranton, Journal of Clinical Psychology reports weight loss as the number one New Year's resolution. Unfortunately, the University also reports that only 46 percent of people are still going strong with their resolution at six months. If you want to stick to a resolution, the action you take to pursue your goal must engage and excite you. It must show you results quickly and continuously. Guess what? The bellicon does all of those things.

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Stay Motivated to Exercise This Winter

By Felix Kunhardt, December 17, 2014

Winter appears to be gearing up to dump record-breaking levels of snowfall on the country, and you never know when the Polar Vortex may descend south once more to drive temperatures to phenomenally low temperatures. Although winter has not yet arrived, you still need to get in plenty of aerobic exercise and physical activity. Otherwise, you will be at a higher risk for heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, especially considering the high-caloric, sweet, or even salty foods on the table this holiday season. Here are a few tips that will help keep you motivated to exercise this winter.

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Travel and Exercise

By bellicon, December 16, 2014

Sometimes the most difficult aspect of traveling isn't necessarily booking your hotel accommodations, coordinating your days or even figuring out exactly how you're going to get from "Point A" to "Point B." It's finding out where and how you're going to be able to fit your normal exercise routine into an already busy schedule. Exercising while on the road is always a risky proposition - even if you're staying in a hotel, for example, you can't always depend on the fact that the hotel will have the type of gym or equipment that you really need to stick to your goals.

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Avoiding Winter Weight Gain

By John Hines, bellicon USA, December 2, 2014

T.S. Eliot: not from Chicago In “The Wasteland,” T.S. Eliot famously dubbed April the “cruellest month,” making it pretty obvious that “T.S.” had never lived in Chicago. Here in the Windy City, we have four or five dismal, freezing, nasty months that compete each year for the title “cruelest.” Although April did its best to be cold and snowy this year, it never even came close to making it into the finals...

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Rebounding on bellicon lowers Risk for Stress Related Disease

By bellicon, October 24, 2014

Americans aren't getting enough exercise!

Last year, the Center for Disease Control reported that only 20 percent of adults were meeting their overall physical activity recommendations. Regular exercise is not only necessary for health and weight management, but it has been shown to decrease both inflammation and stress levels.

Bellicon cheering the marathon runners in Chicago

By bellicon, October 13, 2014

The bellicon team bounced and cheered all the courageous participants of the 2014 Chicago Marathon.

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Additional exercises on the bellicon rebounder

By bellicon, October 10, 2014

Need more exercises for your bellicon? Check these out!

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Sixpax Group Class Workout on the bellicon

By bellicon, September 29, 2014

Have a great week with this 30 minute advanced training class with Fayth Caruso from Sixpaxx Chicago!

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JustBounce 20 Minutes Indoors Training from Remy Draaijer

By bellicon, September 25, 2014

Another great "JustBounce" video from Remy Draaijer providing 20 minutes of Power, Cardio, Flexibility, Balance and Relaxation routines. Start doing it and have fun!

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bellicon showroom in Chicago

By bellicon, September 22, 2014

Come and visit us in Chicago! Our bellicon showroom is a place where you find privacy to try out the different bellicon versions. We will assist you and teach you how to work out on the bellicon if desired.

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A look behind the scenes: Felix turns 43!

By bellicon, September 3, 2014

Regardless of his newly advanced age, and too much sparkling wine for 11:30 in the morning, Felix was able to blow out the candles all by himself…eventually.

Happy birthday, Felix, from all of us at bellicon USA!!!

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Bellicon Workout Challenge Success Story!

By bellicon, August 19, 2014

This past January to April of 2014 Julie embarked on a fitness challenge with bellicon. Her goal, with the help and support of bellicon and Fayth Caruso from Sixpax, was to lose 25 pounds, improve her diet and overall health, and to create a new fun fitness routine that she could stick with long term. There was a special catch: Julie could ONLY use her bellicon to do cardio and hit this goal!

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Arnita Champion's Beginners Bellicon Rebounding

By bellicon, August 11, 2014

The force of gravity, when combined with our unique, ultra-elastic bungees, can help you to become a force of nature.
That’s because each bounce on the bellicon takes you from up to 4 g-forces to zero gravity, creating a cycle of flexing and relaxing that strengthens and tones your muscles naturally and efficiently. And because it effects all 638 muscles in your body, you’ll increase your strength and vitality from head to toe, inside and out.

Mini trampolines, the go-to fitness tool for people seeking a joint-friendly cardio bounce

By Reuters, June 16, 2014

Everyone is talking about the joint-friendly bounce that rebounding and mini trampolines can offer your work out. But did you know that rebounding isn't only limited to bouncing?

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Bellicon bounce cycle

By bellicon, April 24, 2014

When describing how our products work, we place special emphasis on the bounce cycle that a bellicon user experiences. This cycle begins at the highest point in the bounce, and concludes when downward travel into the mat stops. The effect of a bounce cycle is most enjoyable and beneficial when travel time from top to bottom is the same as bottom to top (sinus rythm). This even, constant motion is deeply relaxing and has numerous health benefits. The key to the bellicon’s bounce quality is its highly elastic bungee rings, which by the way, are available in different weight classes and easy to replace. This enables you to tailor the bounce cycle to your specific exercise goals.

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Love at First Bounce: The Benefits of Rebounding

By Heidi L. George, April 24, 2014

I first heard about rebounding last year while listening to the Extreme Health Radio show.  Rebounding is jumping on a trampoline, which I am sure many of us did as kids. I certainly have found memories of hanging out with my best friend, spending hours jumping and laughing on her trampoline during the summer months.

 Fast forward to twenty years later. My partner and I went on a vacation and stayed at an amazing house we found through the Airbnb website. Not only was this home hidden in nature and surrounded by tall pine trees and mountains, but they also had a rebounder.  This was serendipitous because on our drive up we had a discussion about rebounding and if it was something we wanted to try. Now we had the perfect opportunity to test it out.

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Quick and Easy Fitness with the Bellicon Rebounder

By bellicon, April 21, 2014

Three health and fitness methods are put to the test - see why says the rebounding on the bellicon comes out ahead!

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Welcome to the new bellicon USA website!

By bellicon, April 2, 2014

Welcome to the new bellicon USA website! The website we’ve had since 2010 was due for a little “spring cleaning,” so we’ve fixed it up from top to bottom. Our new design is intended to make your visit more enjoyable, informative and make our wide variety of topics easier to find.

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Why Choose a bellicon Rebounder

By bellicon, March 20, 2014 Why choose a bellicon rebounder? After you have been on a bellicon Rebounder you will find going back to the steel spring version a bit like getting behind the wheel of a tractor after driving a Porsche.

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For some, 'Made in China' doesn't fit

By bellicon, March 20, 2014

The New York Times For some, 'Made in China' doesn't fit. The German trampoline maker bellicon, with an annual revenue of €2 million, also says it regretted moving some production to China and has now brought it home.

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The bellicon Is Fun

By bellicon, March 20, 2014

We have a large trampoline in the backyard that we love. We also have a mini one for the kids in the playroom. Both are fun and both give you a mini workout.
But the difference with the Bellicon is how easy it is! Most trampolines this size are stretched so tight that there is not a lot of bounce- but with this one- you can fly! It is so springy and cushy- there is practically no Impact!

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Glamour about the bellicon

By bellicon, March 19, 2014

Lovely readers, I can't wait to tell you about my new fitness obsession!
I'm (literally) bouncing off the walls about it... Gals, I have fallen in love with rebounding (that's the fancy, fitness-y name for what's otherwise known as jumping on a mini-trampoline).

Tags: glamour ,  Media-coverage ,  bellicon benefits ,  womens health ,  womens fitness about the bellicon Rebounder

By bellicon, March 19, 2014 about the bellicon Rebounder. Who knew that bouncing on a trampoline could be considered exercise? Well, apparently the German engineers behind the bellicon Rebounder ($630-$950). These unique mini-trampolines provide a workout for all of your 638 muscles”:

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The Wholesome Home about the bellicon Rebounder

By bellicon, March 19, 2014

The Wholesome Home about fitness with bellicon. I know a lot/most people make some type of health resolution at the beginning of the year. Gym memberships start flying off the shelves at this time. If I can give any advise in regards to exercise, it would be to do something that’s not a hassle to do. Driving to a gym, for me, just got to be more of a hassle than was it was worth.

Tags: Media-coverage ,  the wholesome home , ,  bellicon rebounder ,  gym membership drawback about the bellicon trampoline

By bellicon, March 19, 2014

The Bellicon mini trampoline isn't an ordinary trampoline -- it uses individual bungee cords to attach the jumping surface to the metal frame, creating an impact-absorbing surface thats great for exercise.

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Mama Naturals bellicon review

By bellicon, March 19, 2014

Mama Natural As the days get shorter and the nights colder, we move our attention indoors. It’s time for trying out new recipes, reading intriguing novels, and finding creative ways to stay active. One way to keep the holidays from hitting your thighs is to jump on a rebounder."

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The fire wire about the bellicon rebounders

By bellicon, March 19, 2014

Do you remember the feeling of jumping on a trampoline as a child, the sheer pleasure, the sense of freedom and exhilaration? I have found that feeling once again. For the past few months I have been researching creative and fun exercise alternatives in lieu of a regular boring gym routine. One piece of equipment really piqued my interest, known by loyal fans around the world as the Porsche of all rebounders, the bellicon Color Edition 44” ($679) and I finally got a chance to see what all the fuss is about.

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Fitbie About The bellicon

By bellicon, March 19, 2014

"I’ve been using rebounders for years, and the bellicon is absolutely perfect.
The tension across the mat is excellent—no rolling ankles if you are barefoot—and it’s SILENT—great for apartment living! 

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Time to begin Winter training!

By bellicon, November 11, 2013

We had our first snow in Chicago today and we've barely started raking leaves! So, FALL is officially OVER!

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