How long will the bungee cords last?

The bellicon bungee cords wear out due to continuous stretching and friction. Eventually, it becomes essential for them to be replaced. The exact life expectancy of the bungee cords varies from user to user because it greatly depends on how often you bounce, the intensity and length of your workouts, and how many people are using it. Most users replace their bungee cords every two years.

The wearing out of the bungee cords is due to several factors:

1. User’s weight

The heavier you are, the more weight the bungees have to endure. For everyone, light and heavy, to experience an equally gentle bounce movement, there are different strengths classified by weight:
Medium: 81-150 lbs body weight
Strong: 125-200 lbs body weight
X-Strong: 175-300 lbs body weight
Ultra Strong: 301-440 lbs body weight

2. Intensity of the jump

The higher you jump, the greater the impact the bungee cords have to endure. It is not necessary to bounce high to get a great workout.
The urge, when exercising on the bellicon, to bounce and lift off is understandable because it’s so much fun. However, you can achieve the positive effects of the bellicon just from gentle bouncing and keeping your feet in contact with the mat.

If you occasionally move the bungees slightly, they won’t continuously rub against the same spot. This can prolong their durability.

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